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There’s a new roller coaster here in town.

It’s name is China White, yet its color is brown.

So come on everyone, bring along a friend.

Sit down, buckle up, and let the ride begin.

Its so exciting, a temptation you just can’t resist..

A crazy adventure you never knew exist.

It takes you higher than you have ever been.

Drops you so fast, then climbs up again.

The loops will take you above and beyond the sky.

The bends are terrifying and the drops are so high.

Need a temporary relief from reality? Heres the infamous attraction.

Known for clearing your mind in seconds. It’s the best distraction.

Just hang on tight as you go around the turns.

Your left unable to think about life”s concerns.

It never seems to fail to make people scream.

Intense, emotional, sends you to the extreme.

A sensation no one could ever begin to measure.

A bit frightening, yet bursting with pleasure.

It has curves and swoops you have never seen before.

Just one time around, will leave you begging for more.

Don’t be surprised to be back in line,

Convincing yourself “It’s just one more time!”

It’s out of control, a total blast.

Able to put itself first and your priorities last.

You will pay no attention to what it may cost.

Until you realize all the money, life, and time you’ve lost.

It’s a fun ride thats filled with AMAZING THRILLS.

That will leave you restless with sweats and chills.

So before you jump on I advise you “Think twice!!”

If you buy one ticket you pay “Full Price.”