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Uncertainty, it comes in every situation.
Feelings, they come with anxiety and anticipation.
I must admit, my feelings are hard to express.
But I’m falling for you, this I must confess.
You brighten my day, when things are going wrong.
With just kind words you reassure me that I’m strong.
In your company, my troubles are distant, as if they just cease.
My nerves are a wreck, yet at the same time I feel at peace
To describe your touch, I wouldn’t know where to begin.
It takes me to exstacy, Places I have never been.
My fears make this so hard to trust.
I can’t be certain that it’s love,
But I know it isn’t lust.
So just this once, I’ll lay down my fears.
Even though it may end in heartaches and tears.
Where will this lead, I really don’t know.
I just want to live day by day and take this slow.
I’m not in a rush, just want to make this clear.
I like what we have in this moment right here.
Truth be told “I love the way you make me smile.”
I just want to enjoy it, even if its only for a little while.