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Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
This was real love it wasn’t lust.
You asked me once, how I felt about you.
Whether my feelings were fake or actually true.

So to answer that question here and now.
I’ve learned to live without you somehow.
The time we spent together, I’ll never forget.
The way I loved you, I will never regret.

You left me to stand alone in the rain.
Showing no mercy, only inflicting pain.
So now you ask “What’s on my heart?”
I wouldn’t know, you ripped it apart.

Acknowledging the strength I needed to gain.
The lesson learned was well worth all the pain.
I feel no guilt, not the slightest bit of shame.
I’ve walked out a new person, no longer the same.

To say I never loved you, would be a lie.
But the river of tears has now ran dry.
No longer held captive by anger and sorrow.
I’ve realized what comes today can leave tomorrow.

My heart is empty I can’t express to you how I feel.
I only know the past, both good and bad are real.
I can tell you that I have lost all hope and trust.
All that I have left to say now is, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.