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Ms. Heroin, Ms. Heroin, where do you get your charm?
When so suddenly, your welcomed into a stranger’s arm.
Leading them into your, oh so blissful seduction.
Leaving them hypnotized and oblivious to your destruction.
With only one encounter they have began to dig their grave.
Without their own consent they have just become your slave.
Accidentally crossing your path is believed to be sure luck.
Just to grace them with your presence they’ll sell their mother for a buck.
When they’ve reached the bottom of the barrel and have lost all control.
Just for a one night stand they will even sell their own soul.
What was once a respected person is now a helpless bum.
Hopelessly yearning for the rush of your sweet opium.
Consumed by pleasure and lost in your sedated trance.
They become convinced your the solution for every circumstance.
When they’re right where you want them, you use the same old trick.
Without them by your side, they will start getting sick.
In denial of addiction, they promise they’ll never be back.
They try to stay committed and get their life on track.
It’s true sure enough, they have some restless nights.
The urge keeps growing harder to resist. Harder to fight.
Tossing ,turning, vomiting, sweats and cold chills.
The misery of their condition leaves them surrendering to your will.
Now your back in their arms, just for temporary satisfaction.
What a shame a social relationship has become a fatal attraction